Guard Your Dreams & Visions – Thrive On Spirit Strong!

This is my very first post!

I need a place to put my thoughts and heart down in words and share them with you!

I’m going to start with a free style that came on wind nearly a decade ago so you can get the sense of who I am and where I’m coming from which is from resiliency and determination of human spirit…shared across the nations- together we can!

The Mainstream
Have you ever followed a stream, as it flows freely from the
Mountain Top, through twists and turns, as it travels the
shallows and greater depths with ease… Simplistic, yet brilliant
and purely Divine Alpine Meadow flowers, dance about and wave
their individual beauties in the breeze, as the stream winds on
by…redefining its course, traversed by fallen trees and debris…
a man made bridge cannot stop the stream. Over sand, pebbles
and boulders… at times communicating a quiet babbling, gifting
“positive” ions from its water-falling… mighty rapids appear on
the scene… fish in pools, swimming, flipping and flopping in
between… the splendor of red spawning fish, having survived the
swim upstream… a survival of the fittest, drawn into the
rhythm, yet a heart- beat all its own. Wild-life cross ravines,
humans cast their hooks… but do not deflect the tenacity of the
stream. A stone skips across, creating a ripple-effective work
of art… so mesmerizing. Dazzling colors and shadows change
along the way, but the stream maintains its Authentic Heart,
amidst murky waters, having weathered a storm… crystal-clear-
calm fleeting moments… little drops of rain, whisper of the pain,                                                       reflections of stars twinkling, Birch swaying, sun rays
glistening… moonbeams feed its spirit… All the while, on its
journey, there is a beauty and grace so unique, it cannot be
traced… Absolutely perfect in every element… breath of life
sustaining, gently following its own natural course, like the DNA
of being.
~We need to make the time, to take a closer look at all the woven
tapestries…with so many tributaries…erase the seams that have so
narrowly defined, and with integrity, mercy and solidarity, form a
compassionate conspiracy of the shared heart.
Truth be given and honored, as it is so deserving of, from the
quintessential headwaters, to the Mainstream.
Written after a Forrest Gump walk-about, 2007.
For resiliency and determination of the human spirit…this is my Heart Song.
~With Peace, Wendy Shellard

aka (Benna) Elders nick names- Sunshine, Windy, Trouble Maker (high honor)